5 Must Read Horror Articles 27 May 2013

EraserheadWelcome to Must Read Horror, the place to find the best horror articles of the week. Once again we’ve searched the internet for interesting and notable articles for your reading pleasure. This week:

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The David Lynch Retrospective: Eraserhead

David Lynch is known for making surreal pictures, and it was with 1977’s almost unsellable Eraserhead that he truly began his career. The film has gone on to attain cult status, and this article from Movie Mezzanine explains just what makes the movie so affecting.

Ten Australian Horror Films You Can’t Miss

Australia’s a pretty scary place to live, what with the spiders that can gnaw through your leg while you sleep and the gangs of wallabies with their baseball bats hanging around street corners like the chavs of Great Britain. But if you step out of the reality, momentarily, and into the land of make-believe, you will find there are a lot worse than conniving koalas to worry about. Here, Horrormovies.ca takes a look at ten worthwhile horror films from our antipodean neighbours.

Evolution Of Horror Legends – Leatherface

Inspired by skin-stitching maniac, Ed Gein, Leatherface has come a long way since his first appearance in the 1974 Tobe Hooper classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He even spent some time in drag in the Renee Zellweger/Matthew McConaughey shitfest, TCM4: The Next Generation. This article at Feedtop looks at the many incarnations of our favourite chainsaw killer, including the reboot and its sequels.

13 Post-Apocalyptic Stories That Actually Teach Valuable Lessons

You know what it’s like; the sun’s fallen down, zombies are clawing at your kitchen window, or a meteor’s landed in your back garden. It’s a damned inconvenience, but there is plenty to be learned from life in a dystopian existence. This article from i09 looks at some of the movies and books which aim to teach us a few things about the world following its demise.

A Dozen Or So Of The Creepiest Kids In Horror

It is widely known that children, along with Siamese cats, are the most evil creatures in the world. It’s only a matter of time before that appalling family painting stuck to the fridge with alphabet magnets is replaced by one in which you’re all hanging, except the kid who’s now holding a knife; the alphabet magnets holding it up now spell out the words REDRUM, or something to that effect. This article at Horror Movie News looks at some of the creepiest kids in horror movies, from The Omen’s Damien to Children Of The Corn’s Isaac.


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