5 Must Read Horror Articles 25 November 2013


Welcome to this week’s edition of Must Read Horror, your one-stop shop for the best horror articles the internet has to offer. This week:

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The Best and Worst Survival Horror Games of the Generation

With the PS3 and Xbox 360 about to become the gaming equivalent of a ginger stepchild, and the dawning of an entirely neoteric generation of games, wouldn’t it be great to take a look back at the survival horror games that have enchanted and disappointed us for the past few years? If only someone wrote an article about that…oh, Rely On Horror have? How nice of them.

Even More Fun Horror Movies That Received Rotten Reviews

“The biggest pile of shit I’ve ever seen,” is the kind of statement that might put some people off watching a horror film, but if, like me, you seldom pay attention to critics, then you might want to check out these films which, according to FearNet, have been on the receiving end of unfavourable analyses.

The 5 Most Embarrassing Horror Sequels

While there’s no mention of The Birds 2: Land’s End, or Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, this list over at Bloody Disgusting is pretty spot on.

The Good, The Bad, and The Terrible: Werewolves

Whether werewolves are to your lycan or not (sorry), they’re as much a staple of horror as vampires and zombies, and deservedly so. Done right (An American Werewolf in London, The Howling) you’re almost guaranteed a classic; when done badly (Cursed, An American Werewolf in Paris) you’ll have fans of the genre practically howling at the moon, as this article from The Horror Online investigates.

10 Best Horror Icon Appearances in Gaming History

This article from Arcade Sushi looks at those icons of horror that have made appearances in videogames, either as cameos or in pivotal roles.


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