5 Must Read Horror Articles 25 March 2013

The Cabin in the WoodsWelcome, once again, to Must Read Horror, where we bring you the best horror articles the internet has to offer. This week:

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10 Horror Movies Based On Actual Events

War-Horse and Free Willy aside, there’s something inherently unnerving about watching a movie based upon actual events. Even the words “inspired by” can increase the fear-factor of a horror movie exponentially. Here, FearNet compile ten horror movies based on true events, ranked in order of shock and how closely the film follows the events upon which it is apparently based.

Looking Back At The Book Of The Dead

In 1989 Splatterpunk frontrunners, John Skipp and Craig Spector, co-edited a collection of zombie-fiction based upon Romero’s universe. Featuring stories from Stephen King (‘Home Delivery’) and Richard Laymon (‘Mess Hall’), and a foreword by the grandfather of zombies himself, George Romero, The Book Of The Dead was released at a time when video-nasties were rife and low-budget slashers were ten-a-penny. That didn’t prevent it from becoming what is now considered a classic anthology. Bloody Disgusting looks back at how Book came to fruition, and some of the contributions it contained.

Was James Herbert As Good As Stephen King?

Not your average obituary from The Telegraph, but this article is not as snarky as the headline suggests. It looks at how Herbert pioneered realism in horror, something that his peers often avoided.

These B-Movie Horrors Rate An ‘A’

Low-budget should not mean low-entertainment, and in the case of these films, compiled by The Examiner, it doesn’t, proving that first-rate scares can be created with very little money.

Ten Top Cabin-In-The-Woods Movies

It’s a common trope in horror movies. Stick a bunch of sex-hungry, pot-smoking college kids (and one geek, of course) in a ramshackle hut in the middle of the woods and see what gets them first: a deranged killer, zombies, or a savage virus that causes their extremities to rot off. Batten down the hatches, chuck another log on the fire; here are ten of the best cabin-in-the-woods movies, as chosen by Bloody Disgusting.


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