5 Must Read Horror Articles 24 June 2013

World War ZWelcome to this week’s edition of Must Read Horror, your one-stop shop for the best horror articles the internet has to offer. This week:

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Zombie Nation: A Gory History – From A to World War Z

With the worldwide release of Brad Pitt’s World War Z upon us, NJ.com takes a look at the history of our favourite shambling meat-bags, and why we can’t get enough of them.

Horror Cinema’s Most Ridiculous Resurrections

It’s common knowledge that movie monsters are unstoppable. Between them, Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers have been killed more times than South Park’s Kenny, and yet, by some stroke of luck or just lazy screenwriting, they’re revived to wreak havoc once again. Here, FearNet looks at some of the most ridiculous resurrections in horror history.

Horror Convention Questions Horror’s Conventions

This article from Publisher’s Weekly looks at the horror genre and the changes it appears to be going through, with viewpoints from the World Horror Convention recently held in New Orleans.

The Exorcist: The Real-Life Story Behind the 40-Year-Old Horror Classic

It’s considered one of the greatest horror films of all time, but did you know that the 1973 William Friedkin shocker, The Exorcist, was based upon true events? Yahoo Movies takes a look at the case of Roland Doe and how a team of Catholic priests allegedly saved him.

Barnabas #1 – Pleasant Nightmares

The first in a monthly column begins over at Fangoria, in which the legendary 1960s TV show, Dark Shadows, comes under close scrutiny. Just don’t mention Johnny Depp…


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