5 Must Read Horror Articles 23 December 2013


It’s that time of year again; the time for pulling toilet-paper tubes covered in gold paper because it’s tradition, a time when you don’t think twice about catching herpes beneath a hemi-parasitic plant because it’s the done thing, and a time when we all casually await a fat man who may or may not make it all worthwhile depending on how many people we’ve killed this year. Even with all this nonsense going on, we’ve trawled through the infinite hell known as the World Wide Web – wearing nothing but a Rudolph sweater upon which the nose flashes red every time a sparkly vampire dies – to find the best horror articles of the week. And here, for your reading pleasure, they are:

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How Found Footage Was Murdered

Professor Plum, in the library with a double-ended dildo? Not quite, but the quality of found-footage horror movies has waned, somewhat, since a certain witch project back in 1999. This article from You Offend Me You Offend My Family looks at the rise and fall of shaky-cam horror.

10 of the Worst Horror Sequels and Remakes of the Last Ten Years

Not a week passes without the announcement of a classic horror movie getting the reboot treatment. It’s got to the point where people are making remakes of remakes, and sequels to those rebooted remakes. In this article, Cool Ass Horror manages to whittle down the shittiest remakes and sequels of the last decade to just ten.

2013: The Year in Stephen King

Fans of Stephen King were spoilt rotten this year. The release of Joyland, and later in the year the highly anticipated Dr Sleep – not to mention a plethora of shorts for various magazines and anthologies – proved that King is not ready to slow down just yet. This article over at FearNet looks at King’s work, or that which relates to him, released in 2013.

Five Horror Films You Must See in 2014

Since 2013 disappeared quicker than a line of coke in Nigella Lawson’s kitchen, why not start wishing away 2014. Here are five horror films to look forward to, according to Illusion.

Haunted Holidays: The Terrible Occult Detective

Tor continue their magnificent Haunted Holidays seasonal blog discussing Christmas ghost stories, and this week it’s the turn of those brave souls whose cases would give even Poirot nightmares: The Occult Detective.


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