5 Must Read Horror Articles 20 May 2013

Aleister CrowleyWelcome, once again, to Must Read Horror, the place to discover the best articles of the week. This week:

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Peter Cushing – A Centenary of the Gentleman Monster Hunter in Whitstable

He was Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, Dr Frankenstein and Van Helsing, and Peter Cushing would have been on the verge of his 100th birthday. This article from Keith B Walters explores the legendary actor, and some forthcoming tributary releases in the shape of Stephen Volk’s Whitstable, and David Miller’s Peter Cushing: A Life in Film.

Horror Themes in Heavy Metal Music

We all know what happens when you play Black Sabbath backwards. Sod all. Yet in horror films, heavy metal music might as well be the tortured groans of Legion. This article over at Bubblews explores the use of heavy music in horror films, and also takes a look at why bands utilise gory, and often blasphemous, imagery on album covers.

The Top 5 Monster Sex Scenes

Birds do it; bees do it. Even Chucky and Tiffaneeeeeee do it. This article from FearNET looks at five of the best (by which I mean most grotesque and downright disgraceful) scenes of creature coitus.

A Look Back at Cult Film Director, William Lustig

This comprehensive retrospective over at Den of Geek offers an insight into one of the innovators of exploitation movies, William Lustig. He directed such gems as Maniac (1980), Vigilante (1983) and the Bruce Campbell starrer, Maniac Cop (1988).

Vampire Films: The Undead Will Live Forever

This article from The Economist takes a look at the history of vampires in film, from The Lost Boys to Twilight. With Neil Jordan’s forthcoming vamp flick, Byzantium, about to shake up the genre once again, the article explores where our favourite movie monsters can go from here.


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