5 Must Read Horror Articles, 2 September 2013

You're NextWelcome to Must Read Horror, the place to find the best horror articles of the week. Once again we’ve searched the internet for interesting and notable articles for your reading pleasure. This week:

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William Gaines and the Birth of Horror Comics

This fascinating article from Mysterious Universe looks at William Gaines, the comics genius responsible for Tales from the Crypt, The Vault of Horror and The Haunt of Fear.

The Five Horror Trailer Trends That Always Work

There are certain elements that most horror movie trailers try to include: an invisible force using the main character as a Vileda Supermop (other brands are available), creepy lullabies sung or whispered by those vilest of creatures – children, and lighting effects liable to give the entire theatre seizures. Here, Celebuzz looks at five of the most prevalent trends in horror trailers, with examples.

Nato and Remy’s Last Stand: Horror Characters Who Turned the Tables on Their Attackers

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching antagonists underestimate those they terrorise. You know they’re about to die in the most brutal way, and all because they misjudged some young girl who had, until recently, been shopping at the Disney Store. With You’re Next currently causing a stir in theatres, We Got This Covered look at some of those not-so-helpless victims and how they turned the tables on their attackers.

Ten of Horror’s Most Disarming Psychopaths

This article over at FearNet looks at ten psychopaths with that little bit extra. Sure, we like Myers and Voorhees, but they seldom show up at their victims’ doors with flowers and chocolates before killing them, unlike this cunning lot.

FrightFest 2013: How Horror Films Should Be Seen

Anne Billson of The Telegraph was recently in attendance at London’s premier horror film festival, FrightFest. In this article she explains why the right crowd can make horror a much more enjoyable experience.


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