5 Must Read Horror Articles 2 December 2013


Welcome to Must Read Horror, the place to find the best horror articles of the week. Once again we’ve searched the internet for interesting and notable articles for your reading pleasure. This week:

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Santa Showdown: Silent Night, Deadly Night Vs. Black Christmas

While most people believe Santa Claus to be a loveable, plump chap from the South Pole (or is that penguins?), the truth of the matter is, Old Saint Nick is a murderous old bastard who’s more likely to cut your throat than fill your stocking. Don’t believe me? It’s on the internet, so it must be true. This article from Fangoria pits two sadistic Santas against one another. Ho, ho, ho.

5 Reasons the Horror Genre Will Never Die

I can think of at least six, but those lovely people over at Horrormovies.ca have come up with five reasons why the horror genre will never die.

Embrace the Horror: Why PC Gaming Will Always Be Scarier Than Console Gaming

Gaming is bigger than ever, and with the release of the PS4 and Xbox in time for Christmas, the whole world is, from what I understand, about to attempt to break the record for most sickies thrown in a month. What these new-fangled machines lack, however, is a keyboard and a mouse, not like a trusty PC, for according to this article from Look Robot, that is the best – nay, only – way to experience a horror game.

Blair Witch and the Rise of Viral Movie Marketing

Back in 1997, a group of filmmakers got together and emptied their respective pockets. Upon discovering they had, like, thirty quid, or something like that, they decided to take that money and make a film. That film was The Blair Witch Project, one of the highest grossing horror films of all time. They were clever, you see, those filmmaking students. They had a plan, and utilised viral marketing to promote their film. This article from Den of Geek looks at how they did it, and those bandwagon-jumping sons of bitches that followed suit.

Top Ten: Heroines of Horror

Kick-ass females are ubiquitous in horror movies, and this article over at SFX picks out ten of the most formidable heroines in horror history.


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