5 Must Read Horror Articles – 19 August 2013

Shaun of the Dead screenshotWelcome to Must Read Horror, where you will find the best horror articles the internet has to offer. This week:

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The History of Extreme Cinema Part 3

From torture-porn (Hostel, Deadgirl) to the French extremities (Martyrs, Haute Tension), the last thirteen years have seen horror directors pushing the boundaries of taste and decency. This fascinating article over at Horrormovies.ca explores the last decade or so of extreme cinema.

The Frightening Appeal of Horror Attractions

We love to be scared. It’s hardwired into our system. If you’ve ever sat in the car of a rickety carnival Ghost Train you’ll know what it feels like. You’ll also be familiar with the disappointment as you clamber from said car three minutes later, giggling, not a modicum of shit in the seat of your pants. Some attractions – the ones not relying on last year’s Halloween decorations – succeed in terrifying us. This article from Today explores the rise and rise of the horror attraction.

Victor Crowley’s Most Gruesome Kills – The Best and Bloodiest!

In just three films, Victor Crowley has proved he’s just as mean as Jason Voorhees. His methods are equally as violent, and in some cases extremely inventive. This article over at Dread Central looks at some of Victor’s most entertaining and brutal kills.

Why Horror Movies Deserve Our Respect

Anne Billson of The Telegraph explores the lack of coverage offered to Karen Black’s horror films in the wake of her death last week, and the myth that starring in such films signals the demise of an actor’s career.

Horror Comedies That Put Chills in Your Funny-bones

Horror comedies are difficult to get right. For every Shaun of the Dead there is a Scary Movie 3; for every Ghostbusters there is a Scary Movie 4. Here, SFGate looks at some of the more notable comedy horror films and offers a list of the 10 top-grossing of all time.


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