5 Must Read Horror Articles 18 November 2013


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10 More Horror Sequels That Never Got Made

We’re living in a world where Titanic 2 is an actual film. I’ll just let that sink in for a moment…shall I continue? Okay. Sometimes, a sequel to a film is announced but then, for a multitude of reasons, never gets made. In this article, FearNet takes a look at ten horror follow-ups that now reside in development hell.

The Psychotic Glee of Psychomania

This article over at Ravenous Monster takes a retrospective look at 1973’s motorcycle cult horror, Psychomania, a film so mental one London Times film critic declared it as, “Only fit to be shown at an S.S. Reunion party.”

The Ten Worst Horror Finales

You’ve been sitting, enthralled, for an hour-and-a-half, eaten your way through a whole can of Pringles (other tubular-packaged crisps are available). This is it…the big finale… but then something so utterly ridiculous happens, it takes all your willpower not to put your foot through the TV screen before running naked down the street, screaming about how you’ve been tricked out of your valuable time. There’s nothing more annoying than a dud-ending, as this article from Best Horror Movies investigates.

The Horror at the Heart of Australian Cinema

Something’s not right in Australia. I’m not talking about all the creatures that exist only to maim, eat, or kill you for the sport of it. I’m talking about genre movies and how they are often overlooked in favour of more crowd-pleasing blockbusters. This article from The Conversation investigates.

5 Vacation Spots You Should Avoid

“I’ve got two free tickets,” your friend says. “If we leave now, we’ll be at Camp Crystal Lake by midnight.” Of course, you tell your friend to go f@#k themselves, that you’d rather fly to Afghanistan for a summer of sandy cocktails and landmine dodging. Here are five vacations spots you might want to avoid, according to Horror-Movies-ca.


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