5 Must Read Horror Articles 17 June 2013

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari Welcome to Must Read Horror, the place to find the best horror articles of the week. Once again we’ve searched the internet for interesting and notable articles for your reading pleasure. This week:

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Through a Fractured Lens: German Expressionism

This fascinating article over at Zombie Hamster looks at that turbulent time following the events of the First World War. Rising from the ashes of post-war Germany came darker, and much more violent, cinematic feasts than those prior to the war, including Robert Wiene’s The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920).

Mood Lighting: Five Films to Prime You for The Purge

Imagine a world where for one night a year, all crime is legal. You can do whatever you want and get away with it, like beat up the newspaper boy for not pushing it all the way through the letterbox (just an example). Well, this is the concept of James DeMonaco’s The Purge, a home invasion movie like no other, and in this article, Fangoria suggest five films that might well enhance your enjoyment of it.

Six Abandoned Asylums With Genuinely Chilling Backstories

Asylums are seldom considered joyful places, places where good things happened to agreeable people, and although many are now closed for business, the remains are often more chilling than anything Hollywood could churn out. In this article, i09 delves into the history of six asylums, including Danvers State Hospital, the alleged inspiration for HP Lovecraft’s Arkham Sanatorium.

Jason Vorhees: Superhero For the Socially Inept

Is it inherently wrong to root for the bad guy in horror? Does that make you as crazy as the one wielding the machete, or wearing the glove with razorblade fingernails? Some people might say so, but this article from HorrorNews.net looks at why we regard certain horror villains as heroes.

Summer of ’88: Waxwork

It was the year that gave us Child’s Play, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, and Night of the Demons, but 1988 also gave us the comedy-horror, Waxwork, starring Zach Galligan of Gremlins fame. In this article, The Slant Magazine takes a look back at the film, and how it might have been the inspiration for Joss Whedon’s The Cabin in the Woods.


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  1. I love to read the one about Jason Vorhees. This character and his mother just creeps me out and especially around halloween time. I love to kick back and watch the old films of jasons.

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