5 Must Read Horror Articles 12 May 2014


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we collect the week’s best horror articles in the hope that some of you can’t be bothered to search the internet for yourselves. This week:

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AICN Comics: Remembers EC Horror co-creator Al Feldstein

Last week we lost yet another genre legend. Al Feldstein was the man behind Tales From the Crypt, The Haunt of Fear, and The Vault of Horror, and also editor on Mad Magazine for 28 years. This article over at Ain’t It Cool News pays homage to Feldstein, who died at the age of 88 of natural causes.

If TV Horror is Having a Moment, Why is Hannibal Floundering?

Horror is hot in TV Land right now. American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Bates Motel, and even From Dusk Till Dawn have enjoyed recent success. So what the hell is wrong with Hannibal? The Guardian tries to get to the bottom of how such a promising series has lost almost twenty trillion viewers in less than a dozen episodes.

When Nature Attacks! Pulp Horror Covers From the 1970s and 1980s

This article over at Dangerous Minds looks back at the pulp horror covers of the 1970s and 1980s, when it was still possible to write and sell a book featuring mutated rats/crabs/locusts/crocodiles/ladybirds/sloths.

Introduction to Fulci

The Gore-Splattered Corner looks into everything Lucio Fulci, from his early years as a screenwriter (I Ladri AKA The Thieves), to the films that made him (Zombie Flesh Eaters, The Beyond) and, erm…beyond.

Top Ten Sympathetic Horror Killers

Horror killers aren’t all dodgy masks, boiler-suits, and garden-tools. Sometimes one comes along that you can really get behind, one with a decent enough motive, one that you would be glad to take home to your mother. “He once chewed a hooker’s face off, Mom, but it’s not his fault, bless him.” In this article, Horrormovies.ca investigate ten misunderstood horror killers who, when caught, should probably get off with a warning and a few hours of community service.


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