5 Must Read Horror Articles 10 February 2014


Welcome, once again, to Must Read Horror. You want great horror articles? Well, once again I’ve spent hour after never-ending hour trawling the web so you don’t have to, saving you valuable time which can now be spent burying things in the woods and dressing up mannequins to look like centuries-old dictators. You’re welcome. This week:

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20 Black Women in Horror Writing

As well as it being National Eat a Yoghurt Month, February is Black History Month and Women in Horror Month. This article from Sumiko Saulsen looks at twenty black female writers you should take notice of, with no mention of yoghurts at all…

Forbidden Love: Five Horror Romances So Wrong They’re Right

There’s nothing more wonderful in this little world of ours than Love (apart from maybe Lego, and cheese…I like cheese) and this article over at FearNet takes a good, hard look at five relationships that were so fucked up, they actually worked.

Screams, Scares, or Slashers: What Makes a Horror Movie?

While some people enjoy watching countless decapitations and disembowelments, others prefer a chilling atmosphere and ghostly happenings. A film doesn’t need supernatural elements or a crazed murdered, recently escaped from some nearby asylum, to be classified as horror. So what makes a horror movie? Horrormovies.ca endeavour to find out.

Zombie Invasion: Why We’re Obsessed With the Undead

I’m not obsessed with the undead! Who said I was? Sure, there were those books that I wrote, but that doesn’t mean I’m obsessed, no, no, no…if anything, I hate those nippy little bastards…coming over here, eating our family members…oh, who am I kidding? We’re all obsessed with zombies, and this article from The Sydney Morning Herald deigns to find out why.

Remembering Silent Hill – Celebrating 15 Years of Horror

It’s hard to believe that fifteen years have passed since the first Silent Hill game was unleashed upon unsuspecting Playstation owners everywhere. While its sequels have failed to recreate the terror and sense of isolation of the original, it remains a series that has scared the living bejesus out of an entire generation of gamers. In this article, the staff of Rely on Horror pick their favourite moments from the first game.


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