5 Must Read Articles – 22 April 2013

Rob ZombieWelcome, once again, to Must Read Horror. You want great horror articles? This is the place to find the best the web has to offer. This week:

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How Rob Zombie Is Saving Cinematic Horror

Say what you like about Rob Zombie, the guy sure does love his horror. From House Of 1000 Corpses to The Devil’s Rejects, Zombie has a penchant for creating old-school horror, something missing from the slew of movies Hollywood consistently churns out. This article from The Film Experience investigates just what it is that makes Rob Zombie so important to the genre.

Boris Karloff: A Retrospective

Perhaps best known for his representation of Frankenstein’s monster in the 1931 classic and its subsequent sequels, Boris Karloff is considered to be the King of screen horror. This article from Den Of Geek takes an extensive look into Karloff’s life and career, which spanned more than 200 movies.

What Videogames Can Teach Horror Movies

This article over at What Culture looks at how videogames are thriving and succeeding where their big-screen counterparts are failing. Can film directors learn from the music and moods utilised by games designers?

Creepy Kids Of Horror Then and Now

Ahhh, kids. Possibly the only thing scarier than clowns in horror movies. Who can forget that little scamp, Damien, or the not-actually-a-child Esther from Orphan? This article at Screencrush looks at the children from some of the most iconic horror films now that they are all grown up and no longer half as terrifying.

IGN’s Top Five Cabin Getaways On The Market

One way to guarantee you don’t make it through the summer is to book a holiday at a cabin in the woods. All sorts of nasties live there, from psychopathic killers wearing hockey-masks to viruses that’ll turn your innards to goo. This article at IGN looks at five of the worst cabin holidays you could have the misfortune of booking.


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