5 Must Read Articles – 22 July 2013


Welcome, once again, to Must Read Horror. You want great horror articles? This is the place to find the best the web has to offer. This week:

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The 10 Best Worst Horror Movies

Anyone familiar with Troll 2 or, more recently, The Gingerdead Man, will know exactly what is required to gain cult notoriety through sheer ridiculousness. This article from FreeNewsPos looks at ten horror movies that are so bad, they’re actually quite good.

Day of the Woman: Female Horror Journalists You Should Be Reading (That Aren’t Plagiarists!)

Anyone interested in horror will have seen the outing of a certain female horror journalist using the old cut and paste method in her articles this week. But, hey, guess what. She’s not the only female horror journalist on the block. This fine article from Day of the Woman should point you in the direction of some great female horror journalists that earn their money honourably.

Good on Paper: The Best Comic Adaptations of Horror Franchises

There is a long list of horror comics screaming out for the Hollywood treatment, from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman to Joe Hill’s Locke & Key, but what about the comics and graphic novels that started out as movies? Here, FearNet picks the best of the bunch.

5 Foreign Horror Movie Gems Hollywood Should Never Remake

With remakes currently flying out quicker than Usain Bolt on illegal substances whilst riding a whippet, it’s clear that nothing is sacred in Movielandville. Hollywood likes nothing more than a good subtitled film (saves them writing a script, you see) to ruin. They wouldn’t dream of attempting to capture the magnificence of the films in this list from Horrormovies.ca…would they?

Why Plagiarism Affects Us All

The second of our articles on plagiarism this week (I made that bit up all by myself, and it wasn’t that difficult) comes from Colin McCracken at Zombie Hamster, and looks at why we’re all at risk of the dreaded word-thieves.


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