5 Must Read Horror Articles 9 September 2019


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to. Without further ado:

Den of Geek talk to director Sam Raimi about some of his favourite ever horror movies

Den of Geek’s Richard Jordan talks to director Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead) about horror films he has worked on as producer in recent years, along with some of his all-time favourites in horror.

Signal Horizon select the twelve most interesting Frankenstein movies of the past half century

Tracy Palmer of Signal Horizon chooses the twelve most interesting Frankenstein-related films of the past fifty years.

Tor.com feature an excerpt from their recent release: Monster, She Wrote, a Non-Fiction Guide to the Women of Horror and Speculative Fiction

Lisa Kröger and Melanie R. Anderson present an excerpt of their comprehensive new non-fiction release: Monster, She Wrote, a Non-Fiction Guide to the Women of Horror and Speculative Fiction.

The Gingernuts of Horror have a feature article on Doom and its role within the horrorsphere

George Daniel Lea, author of Born in Blood,  writes this in-depth look at the Doom franchise and how it fits into the world of horror.

The LA Review of Books features an article on the work of the great Ramsey Campbell

Tony Fonseca writes, in this article titled “Horror fiction for people who don’t like horror fiction,” on the enduring appeal of the master of his craft, Ramsey Campbell.

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