5 Must Read Horror Articles 9 November 2020


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to.  Without further ado:

Writer Orrin Grey writes for The Lineup on thirteen best ghost shows on TV

Writer Orrin Grey (Guignol and Other Sardonic Tales) writes for The Lineup on thirteen of the best horror shows you can scare yourself silly with tonight.

The Ladies of Horror Fiction feature a guest post by Nico Bell on dysfunctional families in horror fiction

Writing for The Ladies of Horror Fiction, writer Nico Bell (Food Fright) examines dysfunctional families and their many appearances in horror fiction.

LitReactor’s Gabino Iglesias spills the beans on everything you need to write a great opening

Gabino Iglesias, whose novel Coyote Songs has the kind of opening that will live long in the memory, writes in this LitReactor article on how to ensure your first chapter packs the appropriate level of punch.

T Kingfisher tells the Ginger Nuts of Horror which alternative dimensions she would love to visit and those she’d avoid

Fresh from the release of her nightmare dimension novel, The Hollow Places, T. Kingfisher tells The Ginger Nuts of Horror which fictional alternative dimensions she would love to visit and which she would never want to stumble across.

Author Chris Sorensen takes his place as warden for Kendall Reviews’ Graveyard Shift

With newly released The Messy Manclosing out The Messy Man Trilogy, author Chris Sorensen begins his shift at the Kendall Reviews graveyard.

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