5 Must Read Horror Articles 9 June 2014

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Welcome to Must Read Horror. The internet has been scoured once again for the week’s best horror articles, and the results are in:

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Home Invasion Films Get Us Where We Live

A man’s home is his castle, but not according to the current trend in horror films. Unless your castle’s got more cannons than the Spanish Armada and more locks and latches than your average agoraphobic pensioner, you’re in serious trouble. Home invasion flicks are creepy. How dare you enter my home, and wearing an albino sheep mask, of all things. This article from Horrormovies.ca looks at why movies featuring breached sanctuaries are so successful.

Preserving the Sound and Music of Horror Films

Music in horror films is extremely important. Imagine if Bernard Herrmann’s Psycho compositions were replaced by something by Danny Elfman, or the theme tune to The Benny Hill Show. Not quite the same, is it? Thankfully, there are people out there that understand the importance of horror theme music, so much so that they’re preserving it, often gathering the original musicians to record entire soundtracks again. Tested investigates.

The Importance of the Horror Genre and Why We Love It

Prepare yourself for one of the most in-depth articles about our beloved genre I’ve ever come across. We Got This Covered certainly live up to their name with this commentary on the importance of the horror genre and why we love it.

Oculus: The Unseen Evil in Horror Cinema

Often in horror it’s the things that aren’t quite there which are the most terrifying. I’ll take a seven foot maniac wielding a machete over that Darth Maul Insidious demon any day of the week. This article from Vue looks at five unseen evils in horror cinema.

Instagram Skulls and Slenderman: Why We Need To Stop Blaming Horror for Real-Life Evil

Evil exists. Real, tangible evil in this world of ours, and yet whenever some deranged soul goes on a killing spree, the first thing the investigating detectives and news corporations latch on to is the fact that the perpetrator owned the Friday the 13th Boxset and listened to fucking Gwar instead of addressing the real issue: that people need help, that humans are susceptible to bouts of depression that can lead to criminal thoughts and actions, that blaming horror films and heavy metal music is no longer acceptable. Icons of Fright delves deeper into a problem that’s been around for decades.


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