5 Must Read Horror Articles 8 September 2014


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20 Great 80s B-Horror Movies That Are Worth Your Time

The 1980s was a great decade for horror, providing you liked it silly and full of phlegm and disembowelments. In this article, Taste of Cinema looks at 20 great b-movie horrors from the 80s that are worthy, if not essential, viewing.

Horror Sidekick Spotlight: Peter Lorre

With a face that could give wartime caricaturists wet dreams (or nightmares, depending on what they were in to), Peter Lorre was perhaps best known for his string of Hollywood mystery and crime films, however Lorre starred in more than his fair share of genre films over the years, and it is these offerings that are now scrutinized over at Horrormovies.ca.

The Aural Aesthetics of Ghosts in BBC Ghost Stories – Part 1 (Introduction)

This introduction to a new series over at Celluloid Wicker Man explains the importance of the audio-visual relationship when dealing with televisual ghost stories; more specifically, the BBC ghost stories broadcast between 1968 and 1978.

Is “Christian Horror” Alive and Well?

With the recent surge in rapture-themed films and TV shows, and another batch of possession flicks hitting the screen (Devil’s Due, Deliver Us from Evil), Decompose asks if faith-based horror is an actual thing, with stuff and real whatchamacallits.

Top 10 Rock ‘n Roll Horror Movies

Everyone knows that if you play Justin Bieber’s music backwards (or forwards, for that matter) nothing happens, apart from a feeling of severe shame and worthlessness. But if you play a Black Sabbath album backwards…well, that’s a whole different kettle of demons. Horrornews.net looks at ten of the best rock’n’roll horror movies, proving, once and for all, that they don’t make them like they used to.


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