5 Must Read Horror Articles 8 Oct 2018


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to. Without further ado:

The Ringer looks back at the many villains of horror cinema and tries to establish who is the best of the worst

The team at The Ringer look back at a variety of horror movie classics and try to discern which of those villains or monsters is the most formidable.

Film School Rejects trawl through horror cinema to find their ten favourite comic book-based horror movies

Brad Gullickson of Film School Rejects picks out ten films based on horror comics which are worthy of your attention. There is some well-known gold in here, as well as some hidden gems.

The Conversation have a feature article on why true horror ought to be more than jump scares and fake blood

Aislinn Clarke, lecturer in Film studies at Queen’s University, Belfast, writes a compelling article unpacking what makes horror in the truest sense and how it ought to go beyond things going bump in the night.

The Washington Post have a feature article on the renaissance of horror fiction

Bill Sheehan, author of At the Foot of the Story Tree: An Inquiry into the Fiction of Peter Straub, writes a feature article for the Post on horror fiction’s recent rise in popularity, highlighting some notable reads as he does so.

Den of Geek feature a round table interview with the writing team behind Silverwood: The Door

After last week’s launch, Den of Geek’s Alana Joli Abbott spoke to the writing team behind Serial Box’s new episodic horror show, Silverwood: The Door.

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