5 Must Read Horror Articles 6 October 2014


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‘It’s Alive! It’s Alive!’ Why Hollywood Keeps Trying To Spark Life Into Frankenfilms

Following the announcement that Candyman director, Bernard Rose, is about to get to work on his own modern take on the Frankenstein legend, Deadline | Hollywood asks the very important question: Why does Hollywood keep returning to Frankenstein?

Mind Meld: Horrified by Horror – The Books, Films and Shows That Messed Us Up

Kids are extremely impressionable, picking up most fears that will accompany them through life, like an unsightly wart, between the ages of six and twelve. But it’s true what they say: one kid’s fright is another’s delight. In this article over at SF Signal, a plethora of horror and suspense authors discuss what movies, books, and TV terrified them as children, and how it’s impacted on their adult lives.

The Scary Future Of The Hollywood Horror Film

Is VOD distribution the way forward for the genre? Are we slowly saying farewell to the theatrical horror experience? In this article, Forbes looks at the future of horror, and according to them, it’s not too bright.

6 Sinister Signs You’re Watching A Blumhouse Film

Since 2006, Blumhouse Productions has been responsible for a shitload of creepy horror movies, including The Blair Witch Project, Sinister, Insidious, Paranormal Activity and its sequels, The Purge, et al, and has another fifteen or so in the pipeline. But how do you know if you’re watching a Blumhouse film (ghost with dislocated jaw notwithstanding)?  Horrormovies.ca investigates.

The 15 Best Anthology Horror Films You Need To Watch

Portmanteau horror films are a great way to get into the Halloween spirit, and since we’re now in the month of the witch, why not kick back and watch a few. But so many of them are terrible? Well, fear not. Taste of Cinema has compiled a list of the best.


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