5 Must Read Horror Articles 6 July 2020


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to.  Without further ado:

Tor Nightfire recommend five international horror series to add to your to-watch list

Troix Jackson, writing for Tor Nightfire, highlights five international horror series that you should be adding to your summer to-watch list.

Horror Tree have some advice on describing emotion via authortube

After something of a hiatus, Nicole Simms returns to Horror Tree as part of their excellent ‘Setting Self Doubt on Fire’ series. In this instalment, via her Authortube channel, she talks about describing emotion.

Bloody Disgusting select five horror films that audiences believed were real

Bloody Disgusting’s Alyse Wax picks out five examples of horror movies that audiences actually believed were real, with the expected levels of terror.

The Gingernuts of Horror feature a fascinating essay on Paul Tremblay’s tremendous capacity to create ambiguity in his fiction

George Ranson writes this outstanding essay on one of Paul Tremblay’s (many) unique capabilities as an author: the ability to create an ambiguous situation in which the reader can choose to be believer or sceptic.

Kendall Reviews talk to author Eric LaRocca about his novel, Starving Ghosts in Every Thread

Philip Rogers, for Kendall Reviews, talks to Eric LaRocca about his novel Starving Ghosts in Every Thread and much more besides.

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