5 Must Read Horror Articles 4 August 2014


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A Brief History of Fake Blood

Believe it or not, when a head gets lopped off in a horror movie, what spurts out is not real blood. Oh, no. It is a very clever invention known as ‘fake blood’, and it has been used in horror films since the very beginning (even though real blood is much cheaper and available in abundance). This article from Slate looks at the history of fake blood, also known as Kensington Gore.

The Definitive Foreign Language Horror Films: 20-11

Sound on Sight continues their top 50 countdown of foreign-language horror films. Who will be at 20? Who will be at 11, or 17, for that matter? There’s only one way to find out.

Dick Smith – 1922- 2014

This week saw the loss of another genre great. Dick Smith wasn’t nicknamed “The Godfather of Make-Up” for nothing. His work inspired some of the greatest special effects and make-up artists working in the field today. This article from MAD – Maynard Art and Design offers a more personal reflection of the legendary make-up artist.

The 20 Best Horror Films Based On Folk Tales Around The World

Folktales have a lot to answer for, including these 20 horror films as compiled and discussed by Taste of Cinema.

Toys of Terror #16.5: San Diego Comic Con Edition

Fangoria’s Toys of Terror feature continues, this week focusing on the toys and figures that appeared at last week’s San Diego Comic Con, including NECA’s 7” Axehead Kaiju (from Pacific Rim), and a rather amazing 7” Ellen Ripley figure (looks just like Sigourney, too) in Aliens battle mode.


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