5 Must Read Horror Articles 4 April 2016


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The Shape of Horror to Come

What does the future of horror look like? Derek Acorah could venture a guess, but it would be wrong, and almost certainly theatrical (“What’s the future of horror look like, Sam? Sam! Saaaaaaaaaam!”. You’d be better off trusting this forecast from The Minaret Online.

Australia’s Dark Heart Inspires Horror Movie Boom

Known for its vast array of murderous fauna and insufferable heat, Australia is already a pretty horrific place (insert ill-considered Rolf Harris comment here), but now our antipodean cousins are creating some very interesting horror, as this article from the BBC explains.

The Strange but True Case of the Mummified B-Movie Horror Star

In this article, Blumhouse investigates the strange and tragic case of Yvette Vickers (Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, The Giant Leeches) whose mummified body was discovered in 2011.

Stephen King: What we Can’t Say Enough

Jonathan Janz explains why Stephen King deserves all the respect, all the plaudits, every damn thing.

Beyond ‘Pandemic’: A Guide to the Most Infectious Horror Films Ever

Viruses in horror are ubiquitous; we fear that which might change us or those we love, leave us coughing up our own innards as our children suffer the same fate. We fear it because we know—with scientists working day-in day-out to create virulent strains, cackling as they work and occasionally wheeling out trolleys full of dead baboons—it could happen. Here, thanks to USA Today, are seven of the best horror films featuring pandemics.


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