5 Must Read Horror Articles 30 Oct 2017


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to. Without further ado:

The New York Times charts the rise and rise of horror at the box office

The Times’ Mekado Murphy looks at how horror has crept from its earlier big screen incarnations in the 1970s into the beast it is today.  The article charts the biggest year of each decade and shows that 2017 really is the year of horror.

Rotten Tomatoes finds out about Tobin Bell’s (The Saw Series) all-time top five horror movies

Rotten Tomatoes’ Ryan Fujitani sits down with Tobin Bell ahead of the latest installment of the Saw series to find out about his all-time favourite horror movies and also to discover why he thinks audiences resonate so much with Jigsaw.

NBC News presents seven Asian horrors to watch this Halloween

NBC News’ Matt Prigge offers up a list of seven horror movies that you may or may not know of to queue up to watch this coming Halloween. While some of the more obvious horror classics from Japan and South Korea are in here, there is also a sixtes movie from the archives, one from Bollywood and an Iranian feminist vampire film to keep things fresh.

The Verge catch up with Joe Hill to discuss writing in a world of Twitter, and populist politics

With his latest book, Strange Weather, now gracing bookshop shelves the world over, The Verge’s Andrew Liptak asks Joe Hill about the life of a writer in a world that is only ever a few hours away from a storm over a Twitter post about the toxic politics of the hour.

Futurism meets Shelley AI, the MIT artificial intelligence project that is learning to write horror

Dom Galeon of Futurism takes a trip to MIT to meet the researchers working with a new AI system that is designed for a single purpose: to write horror fiction to scare the life out of you.

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