5 Must Read Horror Articles 3 Dec 2018

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Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to. Without further ado:

Vulture choose one hundred individual scenes from horror movies that shaped the genre

Jordan Crucchiola of Vulture has dug through an entire archive of horror movies from the golden age of cinema to the modern day and selected one hundred scenes that have made a lasting impression on the genre in general.

Digital Spy list eight horror movies that were in the works but ultimately got canned before they were made

Digital Spy’s Tom Chapman picks out eight intriguing movies which were planned out and given the initial green light, only to be canned and thus never see the light of day.

Birth. Movies. Death run a feature article controversially in praise of horror movies which put style over substance

Nicholas Caruso of Birth. Movies. Death. looks at some sensory overload horror movies, which he feels put style over substance and praises them for doing so.

Lit Reactor have a list of eight fantastic conventions for U.S. based horror writers in 2019

Max Booth III lists the top eight U.S. based horror writers’ conventions for 2019 and explains exactly what it is that makes each one unmissable.

Latin American Literature Today talk to Heather Cleary about translating Samanta Schweblin’s Comemadre, a novel which walks the tightrope between horror and humour

Latin American Literature Today’s Denise Kripper talks to Heather Cleary, translator of Argentine author Samanta Schweblin’s novel, Comemadre, which artfully treads the line between horror and humour.

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