5 Must Read Horror Articles 29 May 2017

Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to. Without further ado:

Why You Should Be Excited About Friday The 13th The Game

Ever shouted at the screen during a Friday film at the stupid things the counsellors do that inevitably winds up getting them killed? Now’s your chance to show what you’d do, or even better, how you’d exploit these familiar tropes when playing as Jason himself.

A Brief History Of Yummy Mummy Cereal

Horror encompasses a huge variety of mediums, but breakfast cereals are surely one of the most unexpected and bizarre.

The Shining Turns 37

Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic interpretation of Stephen King’s The Shining turns 37 this year. Bloody Disgusting’s Trace Thurman takes a look back.

Lego Dinosaur Skeletons

Not horror as such, but who wouldn’t want dinosaur skeletons made out of Lego sitting on their memorabilia shelf! If you like ‘em then go and vote for Lego to put them into production on their fantastic Lego Ideas site. (Yes, we’ve already done it!)

Every Stephen King Cameo

You’re no doubt familiar with all of King’s literary output, but here’s a handy guide to all the cameos he’s made in adaptations of his work.

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