5 Must Read Horror Articles 28 July 2014


Welcome to Must Read Horror. The internet has been scoured once again for the week’s best horror articles, and the results are in:

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Summer of Sleaze: James Herbert’s The Rats and The Fog

Last year we lost one of the great British horror writers. James Herbert sold 54 million books worldwide, and would have penned so many more had he not been taken so unexpectedly. This article from Tor looks at two of his earliest offerings, The Rats and The Fog.

5 Horror Remakes that Sucked and 5 that were Pretty Damn Good

Hollywood is constantly remaking movies unnecessarily, and it’s a known fact that 98% of those remakes suck (1% are great and the other 1% are tolerable). Here, Horrornews looks at five of the worst and five the best.

Tales from the Video Store: My Afternoon with “JAWS”

As a youngster, I spent many a day in the horror section of the video store. Social services wouldn’t stand for that nowadays, but I loved being surrounded by all those garish covers, wondering which one would feature the most gore and gratuitous sex. In this article, Fangoria looks back at the wonders of the video store and, more specifically, the first time Ken W. Hanley rented Jaws.

Hollywood Loves Stephen King (Part 2)

Kirkus continue their look at forthcoming Stephen King film and TV adaptations. Let’s hope we have more in the way of Misery and less in the way of Dreamcatcher.

Why The Terminator is a Horror Classic

“But The Terminator is sci-fi, isn’t it, you daft bastard?” Well, according to this article from Den of Geek, The Terminator has more in common with Friday the 13th than it does Blade Runner.


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