5 Must Read Horror Articles 28 Aug 2017

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Writer Robert Harders’ Original Pitch for Halloween 5

The fourth sequel to John Carpenter’s seminal Halloween (and the third to feature Michael Myers) is one of the most divisive in the franchise. Dread Central’s Travis Mullins talks to writer Robert Harders about his story proposal that would have taken it in a very different direction.

Incredible Rebound First Editions of Stephen King’s IT

As we edge ever nearer to the return of Pennywise on the big screen, Dragon Rebound Editions are offering some awesome, not to mention awesomely expensive, first editions of King’s classic novel.

Bill ‘Choptop’ Moseley Reflects On Texas Chainsaw Massace 2

Thirty-one years after its release, genre favourite Bill Moseley took to Facebook to reflect on Tobe Hooper’s underappreciated sequel.

The Version Of Michael Jackson’s Thriller That Almost Was

We’re all very familiar with the deliciously seductive tones of Vincent Price narrating Michael Jackson’s Thriller, but he wasn’t writer Rod Temperton’s first choice.

Hellraiser Teddy Bears

Have you ever thought that what your life is really missing is a Hellraiser teddy bear? Despair no longer, we have such bears to show you.


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