5 Must Read Horror Articles 26 May 2014


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we collect the five best horror articles of the week, put them in no particular order, and then expect you to read them. This week:

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Why Today’s Best Horror Films Come From Australia

Australia is well known for being better at things than the rest of the world. They have better weather, providing you don’t mind walking on sand marginally cooler than the surface of the sun, and they have better animals and insects, ninety-nine percent of which were only put on this earth to eat, sting, or molest you. But lava-sand and sparrow-sized wasps aside, Australia has quickly established itself at the forefront of modern horror, and this article from Playboy explains why.

Must See Horror Films of the 1970s – Part Two

The 70s weren’t all just flower-power, Vietnam, Boney M, and magnificent porn-bush. It was a decade of great horror films. Here, according to Horrormovies.ca, are some of them.

HR Giger: Against the Gigeresque

This fascinating article over at Indiewire discusses the difference between Giger and gigeresque, and how the artist, considered a true visionary (and rightly so), found himself somewhat restrained following the success of Alien.

Is Horror Literature?

When people discover that I write fiction for a living, they’re all ears, but when I tell them I write horror, they look at me as if I’ve just taken a shit on their kids or tried to steal their wallet. I bet Margaret Atwood doesn’t get that. This article from Glen Hirshberg over at Tor tries to answer that age-old question: Can Horror ever be considered as literature?

Toys of Terror #8

Fangoria’s Toys of Terror continues with features on Funko Pop!’s 3.75” vinyl Beetlejuice, Neca’s 7” Hannibal Lecter, and Amok Time’s beautiful 7” Elvira figure.


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