5 Must Read Horror Articles 26 January 2015

Dick Smith

Welcome to Must Read Horror. The internet has been scoured once again for the week’s best horror articles, and the results are in:

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Regan’s Not-So-Absent Father: A Personal Tribute to Make-up Legend Dick Smith

In this article, Fangoria looks back at the life and work of one of the greatest make-up artists that ever lived, Dick Smith.

The Scary Future Of The Hollywood Horror Film

In this article, originally from Forbes.com, the author looks back at last year’s horror movies and their grosses, before making a few predictions on what we might expect from the genre in the coming years.

Guest Author Ray Garton asks, “Is There No Empathy in Horror?”

The fallout from New Republic’s uninformed and downright offensive article on horror continues as Ray Garton puts its author in her place and asks the question, “Is there no empathy in horror?”

The Silence of the Lambs and Horror Aversion At The Oscars

While Piranha 3DD was never going to be nominated for a Best Picture award, there are plenty of horror movies worthy of an Oscar, so why does our beloved genre never get a look in when it comes to the Academy? Badass Digest investigates.

14 Mind Blowing Horror Movies of 2014

Last year was a particularly good one for horror movies, with fantastic releases from Independent studios as well as some of the bigger companies (Blue Ruin, Oculus, Starry Eyes, Housebound). Here, Horror-movies.ca looks at fourteen of last year’s best films, as well as a few you really didn’t need to see.


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