5 Must Read Horror Articles 25 April 2016


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More Vomit Than the Exorcist: Such a Good Baby

Tor takes a good, hard look at the work of Ruby Jean Jensen, whose child-focused horror novels, such as Such a Good Baby and Hear the Children Cry, were the perfect advertisement for condoms.

Indie Publishing is the New B-Movies and Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing

On behalf of Cemetery Dance Magazine, Adam Cesare explains how indie publishing is the new B-movies, and why that is such a good thing.

The HELLRAISER II Surgeon Scene and the Weird Mystique of “Lost” Footage

With the sudden reappearance of the mythical surgeon scene from Hellraiser II: Hellbounddid we film it? Did it really happen? I don’t remember cameras there!—Shock Till You Drop investigates other missing footage from horror films.

The 11 Best Fake Horror Movie Rock Bands

We all know that metal and horror goes together like peanut butter and jam, Posh and Becks, copy and paste, but which fake horror movie rock bands are the best (I hear at least one of you ask)? Blumhouse has got you covered.

Doctor Who & Horror: How Much is Too Much?

Doctor Who has been known, over the decades, to put the shits up even the most hardened horror fan, but how much is too much for a show whose audience includes children and grannies? Doctor Who Watch investigates.


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