5 Must Read Horror Articles – 24 December 2012

He Never DiesIt’s that time again, folks! We’ve been scouring for the best horror articles the internet has to offer, and since Christmas is almost upon us there’s a festive inclusion this time around. This week on Must Read Horror:

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10 horror games that deserve sequels

Remember the first time you played Resident Evil, or Silent Hill? Can you recall how utterly terrifying the experience was as those zombie dogs launched themselves towards you? Resident Evil and Silent Hill were fortunate enough to receive the follow-up treatment, but Bloody Disgusting have concocted a list of video games that failed to spawn deserved sequels.

Merry Bloody Christmas: Top 5 Yuletide horror films

Christmas. A time of giving, a holiday filled with overindulgence and merriment. A time for sharpening that axe and donning that Santa suit…wait a minute. Over the years there have been countless festive gore-fests, and Subtitled Online have compiled a list of 5 that are worthy of note.

Reinventing The Mummy

From Karloff’s toilet-paper wrapped beast out of Egypt to Stephen Sommers’ turn-of-the-century Im-Ho-Tep, The Mummy has long been considered one of the mainstays of horror. With Underworld director, Len Wiseman, onboard to reboot, how could it possibly go wrong? David Konow at TGDaily investigates.

Cat III Asian films: A study

Implemented in 1988, Cat III (or Category 3) is the rating system used for extreme horror from Asia. Horror News takes a look at some of the films that fall under such a restricted rating, including some very obscure titles that you might find yourself hunting down for the sheer fun of it.

Resurrected: Stoker’s first foray into Gothic Horror

Previously undiscovered stories by Dracula author, Bram Stoker, are to be published by Palgrave Macmillan. In this article from The Guardian, Dalya Alberge delves into these forgotten musings before the book hits shelves next month.


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