5 Must Read Horror Articles 23 June 2014


Welcome to Must Read Horror. After seven sleepless nights and more than two trillion articles read, the results are in. Here are five of the best horror articles from the past week:

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The Problem With the Modern Slasher

In this article, Fangoria looks at whether there is a place for slasher flicks in the current horror climate. The answer is a resounding no; take your cheap knockoffs featuring mute, masked killers and do one.

Six Horror Magazines You Should Be Reading

There are a lot of genre magazines out there, many of which are not worth the paper they’re printed on. If you’re serious about horror, about great content and fantastic fiction, here are six horror magazines you should be reading, according to LitReactor.

Examining Innovation in the Found Footage Genre

Found footage films are all the same, aren’t they? A group of documentarians head into the woods/caves/nuclear wastelands to explore some ancient myth/witch/conspiracy and end up being murdered/buggered/possessed by the very thing they went searching for. This article from Den of Geek does its very best to prove me wrong.

Scary Stories: Are They Good for Your Child?

This article from Parenthood asks the very important question: should we tell our children scary stories, let them watch Martyrs, and hide in a closet, ready to jump out at them in the middle of the night wearing full clown regalia? Well, one out of three ain’t bad.

Godzilla and the Problem With American Monster Movies

Monster movies are great – tonnes of fleshy, spiny bastards trampling humans to death, crashing through steel-and-glass buildings as if they’re made of plywood and marshmallow. So what’s the deal with American monster movies, where the monsters have less screen-time than the extras? Film Debate investigates.


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