5 Must Read Horror Articles 22 Jan 2018


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to. Without further ado:

Nerdist looks at ‘everyday horror’ through the eyes of director Joe Dante in Matinee and The Burbs

Kyle Anderson over at Nerdist takes a look at two of ‘everyday horror’ director Joe Dante’s finest films, in the form of Matinee and The Burbs.

The New York Times calls out those who feel ashamed to call The Shape of Water and Get Out horror

Jason Zinoman speaks up for the genre in light of the critical acclaim received by The Shape of Water and Get Out, explaining why people are ashamed to call such artistically well-received films horror and why they are wrong.

Film school rejects look at female tropes and roles in coming-of-age horror and focus on hunger

Film School Rejects’ Francesca Fau looks at female characters in horror cinema, more specifically those who enact the violence, rather than play victim to it. She picks out the concept of hunger, the devouring of people and looks for what that means in the context of coming-of-age horror.

Shortlist has a history of horror video games, reaching way back to the earliest of titles

Shortlist magazine have a history of video games, this week, reaching way back to cassette-based games for the Sinclair ZX81, through Resident Evil and Silent Hill and a few others you might be less familiar with.

Bloody Disgusting feature an interview with Matilda Lutz, star of Rings and one of the first big horror titles of 2018, Revenge

Brad Miska of Bloody Disgusting had the chance to chat to actress Matilda Lutz ahead of the bloody new horror film, Revenge, coming to cinemas soon.

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