5 Must Read Horror Articles 21 December 2015


Welcome to Must Read Horror. The internet has been scoured once again for the week’s best horror articles, and the results are in:

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Joe Hill Calls Bullshit on the Crazy Artist Cliché

Joe Hill (Horns, The Fireman) talks about writing, why he chose a pseudonym, and how he lost his mind over at Buzzfeed.

Zombie Apocalypse from Now On

This article over at Spiked looks at the increasing popularity of zombies, and what the future holds for the undead.

The Awesomely Twisted Films of Frank Henenlotter

Blumhouse explores the films of Frank Henenlotter, whose works include Basket Case, Brain Damage, and Frankenhooker.

80s Action Movies, Slasher Films, and their Parallels

In this article, Den of Geek looks at the parallels between Jason Voorhees and John Rambo.

Forgotten Bestsellers: Burnt Offerings

Tor looks at Robert Marasco’s forgotten bestseller, Burnt Offerings.


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