5 Must Read Horror Articles 20 February 2017

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Seven Great Horror Comic Crossovers

It feels likes years since there was s decent horror crossover film (maybe as far back as Freddy vs Jason) but there are plenty in the medium of graphic novels. Wicked Horror’s Nat Brehmer recommends seven of the best.

Why You Should Be Excited About The New Halloween Film

With the news that John Carpenter is attached to the latest resurrection of the Halloween franchis, Bloody Disgusting’s John Squires tells us why we should be excited about this new film.

Horror Logic: Run Upstairs, Get Naked And Keep Filming

Wicked Horror’s Joey Keogh examines the often bizarre logic and suspension of belief that horror fans are asked to accept in the name of genre films.

When Does Horror Become Paranormal Romance?

The Horror Writers Association’s Mac Childs looks at the distinction between horror and paranormal romance and why they can be two sides of the same coin.

Gore Verbinski Talks Bioshock Kerfuffle

You may or may not know that there was very nearly a Bioshock movie. Director Gore Verbinski spoke about it in a recent Reddit chat.

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