5 Must Read Horror Articles

Dawn of the DeadIt’s that time already – here are 5 tasty horror articles from around the web for your reading pleasure.

This week on Must Read Horror Articles:

  • Seven of the deadliest zombie hordes
  • 50 genuinely creepy horror movies
  • Bring on the blood-splattered bodies – the Tories are in power
  • Rereading Stephen King: week three – The Shining
  • A blog…on blogs: Part 1

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Seven of the deadliest zombie hordes

Doctor Gash – yes that’s right, it’s what he ‘dubs’ himself – over on Dread Central counts down seven deadly zombie hordes. Head on over and see if you agree with Gash’s choices.

50 genuinely creepy horror movies

A huge countdown of horror movies that “rely on atmosphere and suspense rather than gore and jump-scares” from Sarah Dobbs over at Den of Geek.

Bring on the blood-spattered bodies – the Tories are in power

An interesting article over at The Guardian that suggests a correlation between the popularity of horror and The Conservative Party (technically this article is from the start of the month but we decided to include it anyway after it was mentioned on the Ramsey Campbell discussion board).

Rereading Stephen King: week three – The Shining

It’s rare that we will link to two articles from the same website in our 5 Must Read Horror Articles, but The Guardian have done it again with this excellent rereading Stephen King series. This week James Smythe explores horror classic, The Shining.

A blog . . . on blogs: Part 1

I like Jo Fletcher and I like Jo Fletcher Books. Ever since their formation, the Quercus Publishing imprint have gone from strength to strength. Alison Littlewood’s A Cold Season has taken the horror world by storm and they show no signs of slowing down. Here, Jo Fletcher Books highlight some of their favourite blogs within horror, sci-fi and fantasy – there are some great choices in this list of five.


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