5 Must Read Horror Articles 19 October 2015


Welcome to Must Read Horror. The internet has been scoured once again for the week’s best horror articles, and the results are in:

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Why Hotels and Motels Always House Horror in Pop Culture

This article from National Post looks at what makes hotels and motels the perfect place for a good horror story.

Houses of Horror: A Rambling, Teetering, Crumbling Brief History of Gothic Cinema

Kim Newman’s piece in The Guardian takes a look at the use of gothic imagery in horror cinema from Nosferatu (1922) to Crimson Peak (2015).

5 of Clive Barker’s “Books of Blood” That Need Film Adaptations

Several of Clive Barker’s magnificent Books of Blood have already been adapted for the big screen (Rawhead Rex, Candyman, The Midnight Meat Train, et al) but there are several which are still crying out for movie adaptations, according to this article from Bloody Disgusting.

The Horror Genre Is Older Than You Think: A New History, From Homer to Lovecraft

A fascinating essay from Leslie S Klinger via Flavorwire, which is essentially a new history of horror, featured in the introduction to a forthcoming anthology from Pegasus Books, In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe: Classic Tales of Horror, 1816-1914.

An Introduction to Cosmic Horror, 2015s Halloween Literary Subgenre of Choice

Jonathan Sturgeon looks at cosmic horror in all its forms. A perfect pre-Halloween read.


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