5 Must Read Horror Articles 18 March 2024

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Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to.  Without further ado:

Crime Reads look back at the 90s Satanic Panic era through the lens of modern conspiracy theories

Author Maggie Thrash gazes back in time at the 90s Satanic Panic phenomenon and relates it to modern conspiracy theories in this article for Crime Reads.

AV Club suggest a dozen Irish horror movies to enjoy for Saint Patrick’s Day

AV Club’s Matthew Jackson selects twelve of the best Irish horrors, from the brooding folkloric to the comedic, for viewers to check out around Saint Patrick’s Day.

Bloody Disgusting take on an immersive experience to prepare for the new edition of Alone in the Dark

Harrison Abbott, writing for Bloody Disgusting, rides the boat upriver to an abandoned mansion where nothing is quite as it seems in an immersive experience to promote the new Alone in the Dark game.

The Lineup present eight horror books dealing with the scary side of fairy folklore

Writer Marisa Fertitta, in this listicle for The Lineup, presents eight chilling reads on the subject of fairy folklore.

The Ginger Nuts of Horror’s Women in Horror Month interviews continue with a talk with Christa Carmen

Fresh from the release of her novel, The Daughters of Block Island, Christa Carmen sits down with The Ginger Nuts of Horror as part of their Women in Horror Month interview series.

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