5 Must Read Horror Articles – 17 December 2012

Gary McMahon in WarwickEvery week we trawl the web for interesting articles relating to horror, and it’s that time again, folks. This week on Must Read Horror Articles.

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10 Best Mad Doctor horror movies

We all love a crazed maniac in a white smock, don’t we? Would you put Frank N. Furter above Frankenstein? Take a look at this article over at Horror-Movies.ca and see if you agree with this top ten of scientific psychopaths.

BBFC adjust Sexual And Sadistic Violence Policy

An interesting article over at Cinemart Online regarding the BBFC’s decision to adjust its policy of sexual and sadistic violence in six weeks’ time. Whether you agree with the decision, or see it as artistic censorship, this is worth a read.

Gary McMahon’s top picks of 2012

He knows a thing or two about horror, so why not see what Gary McMahon’s highlights of 2012 were?

Eleven great eyeball gross-out gags in the movies

Eyes. The majority of us have them, which is why some of the greatest horror films ever made have utilised them to make us cringe. Here is a list from Den Of Geek featuring some fine eye-watering moments.

Dissecting The Human Centipede 2

Over at BloodyDisgusting.com, Forensic psychologist, Joseph Forsberg, takes a look at Tom Six’s disturbing sequel, The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence, delving deeper into the plethora of mental disorders possibly suffered by the movie’s antagonist, Martin.


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