5 Must Read Horror Articles 16 January 2017

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Andrew Kevin Walker Releases First Draft Of Se7en

Most This Is Horror readers will be familiar with David Fincher’s masterful Se7en film, but it’s interesting to see Andrew Kevin Walker’s original vision in his first draft, which he just released onto the internet.

Bad Decisions made In Horror Movies

A good novel or film is occasionally dependant on the characters making bad decisions to put themselves in peril. Bloody Disgusting’s Trace Thurman looks at eight of the worst made in horror films.

James DeMonaco Talks About The Purge Series

Starburst’s Andrew Pollard talks to The Purge writer and director James DeMonaco about the ongoing series.

Five Underrated Horror Video Games

Dread Central’s Jeremy Dick unearths five underrated horror video games that are worth a look.

Jaws 4: The Revenge Revisited

The Ginger Nuts Of Horror’s Kayleigh Marie Edwards takes up the challenge to find something good in any horror film and dives into the much derided Jaws 4.

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