5 Must Read Horror Articles 16 February 2015


Welcome to Must Read Horror. The internet has been scoured once again for the week’s best horror articles, and the results are in:

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MIND MELD: Name Your Favorite Apocalypse or Dystopia!

Zombies, pandemics, solar flares, alien invasions, natural disasters, Kanye West’s head stealing the moon from its orbit, what is your preferred way for the world to end? That’s exactly what SF Signal asks a whole panel of special guests.

Tales from the Video Store: The [R]ite of Passage

In this article over at Fangoria, Ken W. Hanley’s fascinating column continues, this time looking at one of the greatest moments in a young horror fan’s life. The hiring of that first R-Rated movie.

The Wonderfully Horrific World of Female Horror Writers

February is, of course, Women in Horror Month, and this article from Martyyoung.com looks at some of the greatest female horror writers to have ever picked up a pen, and includes an expansive recommended reading list.

17 Moments of Movie Terror in the Bathroom

As humans, we are never more vulnerable than when we’re asleep or on the toilet. Fall asleep on the toilet and you’re just asking for trouble. In this article, Den of Geek looks at seventeen moments of horror which occur in the holiest of places: the bathroom.

From ‘Saw’ to Berlin: The Bloody Odyssey of Darren Lynn Bousman

The Hollywood Reporter looks at the films of Darren Lynn Bousman (The Devil’s Carnival, Repo: The Genetic Opera, Saw II, III, and IV).


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