5 Must Read Horror Articles 15 May 2017

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The Best Alien Spin Off Stories Featuring Ripley

With the xenomorphs back on the big screen any minute now, Den Of Geek’s Rob Leane takes a look at some of the best spin off stories featuring the original Alien badass, Ellen Ripley.

12 Horror Themed Restaurants

Like to get out of the house when you write? Why not take up residence in one these horror themed eateries?

Proof That Resident Evil Is Basically Aliens

Love Aliens? Hate Resident Evil? You may be surprised to find that they share more DNA than you think.

Typing Of The Dead

For you writers out there, there’s some logic in that the faster you can type, the quicker you’ll finish that masterpiece you’re working on. What better way to sharpen up those typing skills, then, than using them to take out zombies?

The Stephen King Theme Park Ride That Almost Was

Ever think that the one area that King hasn’t been represented in is theme park rides? It almost happened, as Bloody Disgusting’s Jeremy Herbert reveals.


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