5 Must Read Horror Articles 15 March 2021


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to.  Without further ado:

LitHub provides this long read on how Algernon Blackwood derived sublime horror from nature

Writer Eugene Thacker looks back at Algernon Blackwood’s memoirs of a canoeing trip up the Danube and draws parallels with his descriptions of real life wild places with the sublime horror of his work The Willows

Bloody Disgusting dig into why classic horror films are still important

Bloody Disgusting’s Brian Keiper looks back at some of the earliest entries in the horror movie canon and explains why they remain important today.

Kendall Reviews look back at the genesis of the occult horror novel

Writer Joseph Sale looks back at the earliest examples of the occult horror novel, charting its development over time, before bringing us up to date with a more recent entry to the genre.

Dan Coxon talks mental health and his new anthology for The Ginger Nuts of Horror

Ahead of the release of his new anthology, Out of the Darkness, writer and editor Dan Coxon writes for The Ginger Nuts of Horror on mental health and how this anthology came together.

Night Worms talk to Janine Pipe and Kenzie Jennings to dispel some myths about women in horror

Sadie Hartmann talks to extreme horror writers Janine Pipe and Kenzie Jennings to dispel some myths about women who write horror.

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