5 Must Read Horror Articles 15 June 2015

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Welcome to Must Read Horror. The internet has been scoured once again for the week’s best horror articles, and the results are in:

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How Horror Movies Helped Me to Get Over My PTSD

In this article over at Vice, Kate Jones, whose house burned down during a particularly violent storm, explains how horror movies helped her to deal with PTSD.

Cinematography Tips for Horror Filmmakers

Have you ever watched a horror film and wondered how they made it look so…bleak, or why they gave it a certain grading? Then wonder no more. Premium Beat offers some cinematography tips for horror filmmakers.

Are Women Changing the Face of Television’s Horror Genre?

Observer takes a look at how women are heading up some of the best TV horror series doing the rounds right now, including Penny Dreadful and American Horror Story.

And Then a Cat Jumps Out: In Defense of Horror Movie Jump Scares

Horror mainstay or something that should have been buried with William Castle? In this day and age, the horror movie jump-scare is often considered a cheap move, something the filmmakers fall back on if there’s no other way to scare you shitless. In this article, Screen Crush explains why surprise attacks/false alarms – the two categories jump scares fall into – aren’t as bad as people make out.

Christopher Lee, 1922-2015

In this article from The Hollywood Reporter, the film industry pay tribute to horror legend, Sir Christopher Lee, who sadly passed away on June 7.


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