5 Must Read Horror Articles 14 March 2016


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Sympathizing with Psychopaths: Mort Castle’s The Strangers

In this article, Tor looks back at Mort Castle’s 1984 horror novel, The Strangers.

The True Story Behind the Legendary “Lost Ending” of The Shining

The ending of The Shining is one of the most memorable in horror. Jack Torrance’s demise is both chilling (pardon the pun) and effective. But the film’s denouement could have been so very different, as this article over at Blumhouse explains.

The H Word: But is it Scary?

In this short essay over at Nightmare Magazine, Orrin Grey explains why horror does not have to be scary to be effective, and nor should it have to be.

13 Final Girls Killed in the Sequel

It happens all the time. The Final Girl makes it all the way to the end of a film and then pops up for a jolly good butchering at the start of its sequel. Chiller looks at thirteen final girls killed off in the follow-ups to some of horror’s most successful franchises.

Toys of Terror #93

Fangoria’s Toys of Terror continues. This time they look at Mezco Toyz’ Pinhead Living Dead Doll, Trick or Treat Studios’ screen-accurate Victor (Hatchet) Crowley mask, and Sideshow Collectibles’ 22” Purgatori statue.


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