5 Must Read Horror Articles 10 November 2014


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Holiday Horrors: “Halloween” vs. “Halloween”

In 1978, John Carpenter directed one of the greatest, most influential horror films of all time. In 2007, Rob Zombie reimagined that movie, but how do they fare head-to-head? The Anniston Star investigates.

An Ode to The Master of Horror

Speaking of John Carpenter (see above), The Journal takes a look at the great man himself.

50 Visually Stunning Horror Movies for Twisted Aesthetes

Horror can be beautiful, it can be pretty…heck, it can even be tear-inducing. It doesn’t have to be about the bodily-tortured students, the malformed monsters, the disembowelled and decapitated, though it’s always nice when one pops up. I’m a huge fan of cinematography, and some of the horror films in this list from Flavorwire are so aesthetically-pleasing, they may make you cry. (Disclaimer: I didn’t cry. I was just sayin’…and stuff…sniff…)

Tentacles & Madness: 10 Comics That Continue H.P. Lovecraft’s Horror Legacy

Whether you hate Lovecraft or, erm, love Lovecraft, there’s no denying that his work can be successfully translated to any medium (including porn, if the great Necronomicum is anything to go by). He continues to inspire many (and piss off a good few at the same time), and so it’s no surprise that his influence is somewhat visible in the world of the comic book. This article from Paste Magazine looks at ten Lovecraftian comic books.

Black Country Prophet: Joel Lane Archive 5

Almost a year after Joel Lane’s sad and untimely death (it’s impossible to believe it has been that long) Simon Marshall Jones continues his great work in spreading Joel’s work as far and wide as possible over at Spectral Press. You can read the outstanding ‘Like Shattered Stone’ here.


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