5 Must Read Horror Articles 10 Dec 2018


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to. Without further ado:

Vulture features an excellent article explaining why horror doesn’t necessarily have to scare you

Angelica Jade Bastién explains, in a fantastically-written article on Vulture, that horror and scary are not necessarily the same thing and that the idea of a film or story not scaring you doesn’t have to mean it is outside of the frame of the genre.

Gizmodo highlight ten new short films which wonderfully showcase the horror and sci-fi genres

With so much talent out there in the world, making short films in a variety of genres, Gizmodo’s Cheryl Eddy has unearthed ten examples, all under ten minutes’ running time, which showcase the talent out there in the short film world.

Rotten Tomatoes rank twenty-five festive horror movies from best to worst

For those of us wishing to enjoy some Christmas-themed movies as the holidays approach, but still want there to be gore and terror, Rotten Tomatoes have compiled a top twenty-five of Christmas horrors, from some really awful efforts working up to some classics.

Signal Horizon have a preview of what’s landing this week in horror and sci-fi

Tracy Palmer of Signal Horizon picks out what’s hot in horror and sci-fi and landing this week, be it books, film, TV series and more besides.

The Chicago Review of Books talk to Maryse Meijers about her new horror novella, Northwood

The Chicago Review of Books’ Sara Cutaia catches up with Maryse Meijers to talk about Northwood, her new horror novella, and asks her what inspired the emotional, unconventional book.

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