5 Must Read Horror Articles 01 August 2016

Pans LabyrinthWelcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to. Without further ado:

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10 Twisted Contemporary Fairy Tales

We were all brought up on fairy tales, but Fangoria’s Lexi Harrington takes a look at ten of the most twisted examples on film.

Can You Recognize Horror Movies From A Single Frame?

Bloody Disgusting have thrown down the gauntlet to horror fans. How many of these 70 movies can you recognise from just a single frame. We managed 56 –game on!

Spielberg’s Duel Reviewed As A Sonnet

Ever wondered what a review of Spielberg’s Duel would be like as a Shakespearean sonnet? Neither had we, until we came across Shock Till You Drop’s Nigel Parkin’s unique take on it.

Jaws And Psycho Reimagined As 80s Video Games

If that wasn’t weird enough, stranger things (see what we did there) abound here as Arrow In The Head’s Cody Hamman unearths what classic horror flicks Jaws and Psycho look like given the 8 bit video game treatment.

Rereading Stephen King’s It

With the remake of King’s It progressing nicely , The Guardian’s James Smythe takes a look back at the novel that has become so beloved to so many.



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